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Professional Experience Program New York

Das neue Professional Experience Program (PEP), das von unserem New Yorker Verbindungsbüro Campus OWL New York koordiniert wird, bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Einblicke in die amerikanische Arbeitskultur zu gewinnen und praktische Arbeitserfahrungen in der Metropolregion New York zu sammeln.

Das 3-monatige PEP Programm von April bis Juni 2022 umfasst ein einwöchiges Vorbereitungsseminar und ein etwa 11-wöchiges Praktikum in einem Unternehmen oder einer Organisation im Großraum New York, das von Campus OWL vermittelt wird. Außerdem findet ein virtueller Abschlussworkshop im Anschluss an den Aufenthalt statt.

Ziel von PEP ist es, Studierenden der OWL Hochschulen die Chance zu geben, wertvolle Arbeitserfahrung und interkulturelle Kompetenzen in einem internationalen Umfeld zu sammeln. Bachelor- oder Master-Studierende verschiedener Fachrichtungen konnten sich bis einschließlich 15. August 2021 bewerben.

Die nächste Ausschreibung wird voraussichtlich im Sommer 2022 veröffentlicht.

About PEP in New York

PEP in NY offers students who study at one of the five OWL universities (Bielefeld University, Paderborn University, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Detmold University of Music) the chance to gain intercultural skills and professional experience in the New York metropolitan area.

PEP runs from April to June 2022 and includes a leadership and intercultural skills seminar, an internship in a company/organization in the New York metropolitan area and a virtual workshop to reflect on the internship experience.

The intensive 5-day interactive seminar will cover the following key areas:
• Understanding American & German business cultures and navigating differences
• Leadership skills and development
• Practical exercises

Successful candidates will complete an approx. 11-week internship with a company/organization in the NY metropolitan area.
The application process includes the following steps: After receiving applications for the program, the OWL selection committee will nominate candidates in September. These shortlisted candidates will then be interviewed by potential internship providers in October/November. Selected candidates will apply for a J-1 visa in cooperation with the German American Chamber of Commerce in New York and the internship provider (December-February).

Upon return to OWL the PEP participants will take part in the final seminar “Unpack your Internship Experience” which will be held virtually with the goal to reflect on the professional and intercultural experience and how to make use of it for future career planning. Participants are expected to provide a brief internship report upon completion of the program.


The candidates must be enrolled at one of the five Campus OWL universities at the time of application and during the program, in one of the following fields of study: business/economics, natural sciences, engineering, sound engineering, architecture, social sciences, humanities. J-1 visa holders are excluded from activities such as teaching, health/medical, and in the arts (musicians/singers).

  • Excellent academic performance
  • Enrolled at one of the universities in OWL (Bielefeld University, Paderborn University, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and Detmold University of Music)
  • At time of application, enrolled in a Master program or at least in 3rd semester Bachelor program
  • Outstanding communications skills (oral, written, interpersonal)
  • Fluent in English (Level B2 at a minimum)
Application Documents
  • Letter of motivation including why you are the ideal candidate and how it helps you achieve your goals and how it relates to your studies (in English, approx.1 page)*
  • CV in English (no photo necessary)*
  • Overview of your previous academic achievements with grade average (copy of your transcript; copy of Bachelor Degree, if applicable)
  • Letter of recommendation (preferably in English) written by a lecturer/professor of your faculty
  • Proof of English language skills (at least Level B2, e.g. DAAD language certificate, TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Confirmation of enrollment as a student

Application Deadline: August 15, 2021. Please send your application in English in a single PDF file to simons@campus-owl.org

*To help you write a CV and letter of motivation in English, we offer an online seminar on 26th July from 1-3pm where you will get advice and a step-by-sep guide on how to create your professional CV and letter of motivation as well as job interview tips.


What is included?
  • A preparatory skills seminar and a final virtual seminar
  • Internship placement in a company or organization in the New York metropolitan area
  • Accommodation in New York City during the one-week preparatory skills seminar
  • Metrocard during the one-week preparatory skills seminar
  • Application process for the J-1 visa including the $700 fee for issuance of the DS-2019 (certificate of eligibility for the J-1 visa)

Successful candidates will receive a DAAD PROMOS scholarship to cover their travel cost (1150€) and part of their living expenses (350€ x 3 months), total scholarship amount: 2150€

Participants can also apply for a TH OWL 'Go Global Praxis' scholarship or other funding tools for travel and stay during the program that will cover parts of the expenses abroad.

Participants will bear the costs for the international health insurance as well as the $220 SEVIS fee and the U.S. Consulate fee of €130 for the J-1 visa at the Consulate in Frankfurt.

Participants will be responsible to find their accommodation during the internship. For an overview of the expected expenses abroad please see the PEP info sheet.

Further information and FAQs

If you have any questions on the program, please contact the director of the Campus OWL New York office Dr. Katja Simons simons@campus-owl.org.

Campus OWL is a network of five higher education institutions in OstWestfalenLippe (OWL), Germany – Bielefeld University, Paderborn University, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and Detmold University of Music. The Campus OWL New York Office was founded in 2019 and represents these five higher education institutions in North America. For further information please visit www.campus-owl.org