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How to Improve Shop Floor Management

Materna, L.; Hinrichsen, S.; Adrian, B.; Schulz, A.: How to Improve Shop Floor Management. In: Padoano, E.; Villmer, F.-J. (Hrsg.): Production Engineering and Management. Proceedings 9th International Conference, Publication Series in Direct Digital Manufacturing, OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lemgo, S. 179-188.

Shop floor management is an important component of the Toyota Production System. The main task of shop floor management is to sustainably increase efficiency and quality in production. The objective of this paper is to identify potentials for improvement of shop floor management in the context of digitalization and to identify fields of action. As a result, the paper will show that insufficiently designed business processes, in particular, lead to additional administrative work for managers. Therefore, optimizing processes can also be seen as a key to giving managers more time for real management tasks. In addition, shop floor management can be strengthened by improving e-mail communication and meeting organization practices, as well as by making reporting more automated and more user-friendly.

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