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The Double Degree Program Production Engineering and Management has some unique propositions. It is not only a joint initiative of the University of Trieste (Università Degli Studi Di Trieste) and the OWL University of   Applied Sciences, it is also an exciting and creative mix of students not only from Italy and Germany but from many parts of the world. Many joint activities create a sense of family and friendships.

After graduation, alumni embark on their career path without breaking ties with their classmates. This platform will serve as an information and exchange medium so that alumni can maintain their connection to their Alma Mater. Excursions, activities, meetings, conferences, announcements, information on career opportunities and about the current degree program should make networking easier and more fruitful.

With the aim of a network hub, this platform lives from the voluntary registration and participation of as many alumni as possible.

Commitment and advantages for the alumni as well as for current studentsare our declared goal.