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Semantic Navigation and Discussion in a Digital Boardroom

Rubart, J.; Lietzau, B.; Söhle, P.; Alex, B.; Becker, S.; Wienböker, T.: Semantic Navigation and Discussion in a Digital Boardroom. Tagungsband der IEEE Konferenz Semantic Computing 2017.

Well-designed interactive visualizations help users gaining insights into an organization's data and, finally, making decisions. In the Business Intelligence (BI) context, the most popular visualization approach is dashboards, which combine multiple visual components, such as charts, on a single view. Well-founded decisions require the collaboration of several analysts, such as domain experts, line-of-business managers, or key suppliers. For face-to-face collaboration settings, multi-display environments and smart meeting rooms have improved. In the BI context, support for boardrooms is being discussed for this setting. In this paper, we propose annotation dashboards, based on a multitouch and multiuser interaction approach, which are integrated in a multi-display environment constituting a BI digital boardroom. In addition, means of semantic navigation help business users to easily get insights into business context information.