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2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4836
Schneider D, Flatt H, Jasperneite J, Stübbe O. Analysis of industrial production environments and derivation of a novel channel model towards optical wireless communication. In: Schröder S, Geyl R, eds. Optical Fabrication, Testing, and Metrology VI. Vol 10692. Proceedings of SPIE. ; 2018. doi:

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4837
Schriegel S, Kobzan T, Jasperneite J. Investigation on a Distributed SDN Control Plane Architecture for Heterogeneous Time Sensitive Networks. In: ; 2018.

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4838
Neumann A, Wisniewski L, Jasperneite J, Rost P, Ganesan RS. Towards Integration of Industrial Ethernet with 5G Mobile Networks. In: ; 2018.

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4839
Henneke D, Brozmann A, Wisniewski L, Jasperneite J. Leveraging OPC-UA Discovery by Software-defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization. In: ; 2018.

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4840
Ehrlich M, Wisniewski L, Trsek H, Jasperneite J. Modelling and Automatic Mapping of Cyber Security Requirements for Industrial Applications: Survey, Problem Exposition, and Research Focus. In: ; 2018.

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4841
Elattar M, Friesen M, Henneke D, Jasperneite J. Reliability-oriented Multipath Communication for Internet-based Cyber-physical Systems. In: ; 2018.

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4842
Lang D, Friesen M, Ehrlich M, Wisniewski L, Jasperneite J. Pursuing the Vision of Industrie 4.0: Secure Plug and Produce by Means of the Asset Administration Shell and Blockchain Technology. In: ; 2018.

2018 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz | ELSA-ID: 4844
Ehrlich M, Lang D, Mytych MJ, Jasperneite J, Malischewski T. Preparing Smart Sensors for Industrie 4.0: Requirements, Potentials, and Solutions. Automation. 2018.

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4845
Kobzan T, Biendarra A, Schriegel S, Herbst T, Müller T, Jasperneite J. Utilizing Blockchain Technology in Industrial Manufacturing with the help of Network Simulation. In: ; 2018.

2018 | Konferenz - Beitrag | ELSA-ID: 4846
Kleen P, Albrecht J, Jasperneite J, Richter Detlev. Funktionale Sicherheit von autonomen Transportsystemen in flexiblen I4.0 Fertigungsumgebungen. In: ; 2018.

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