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2022 | Konferenz - Vortrag | ELSA-ID: 8340
T. Schäfers, M. Leban, On-Demand Features: Opportunities and Challenges of Fractional as-a-Service Business Models, 2022.

2022 | Konferenz - Vortrag | ELSA-ID: 8339
F. Lauzi, J. Westphal, D. Rangarajan, T. Schäfers, M.C. Parra-Merono, M.D. De-Juan-Vigaray, Sales Enablement for Industrial Marketing: Exploring Contingencies and Dynamics, 2022.

2022 | Konferenz - Vortrag | ELSA-ID: 8341
G. Cziehso, T. Schäfers, S. Brinkhoff, N. Nauß, „Just try it on!” - Using location-based bluetooth technology to reveal the effects of fitting room visits on purchases and in-store movement, 2022.

2022 | Konferenz - Vortrag | ELSA-ID: 8808
T. Schäfers, M. Groza, Selling ownership or selling access? Examining salespersons’ preferences and capabilities , 2022.

2022 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz (wiss.) | ELSA-ID: 8328
M. van der Borgh, T. Schäfers, A. Lindgreen, C.A. Di Benedetto, Moving the needle: Publishing academic-practitioner research in Industrial Marketing Management, Industrial Marketing Management. 103 (2022) A1–A6.

2021 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz (wiss.) | ELSA-ID: 7518
T. Schäfers, G. Narayanamurthy, R. Moser, M. Leban, The sharing economy at the base of the economic pyramid: How access‐based services can help overcome ownership risks, Psychology & Marketing. 38 (2021) 2073–2088.
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2021 | Zeitschriftenaufsatz (wiss.) | ELSA-ID: 7517
T. Schäfers, M. Leban, F. Vogt, On-demand features: Consumer reactions to tangibility and pricing structure, Journal of Business Research. (2021) 751–761.

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